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Sarah Nieves



She / Her


Likes: creative people, cats, sunny days, animations, exploring indie games, following storyboard artists & writers of series she likes, strong women, coffee, water color, conventions, good food, flea markets, Let’s Plays, art exhibits, analyzing cartoons, comic book stores, exploring super markets in other countries, to sleep enough




Dislikes: fish, being too social, childrens cartoons with bad morals, clubs, pushy people, art blocks, the cold, being tired


Fan of: Wander Over Yonder, Blacksad, Rick & Morty, Kill La Kill, Steven Universe, Orange is the New Black, Futurama, District 9


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Raphaelle Roux

Grafiker, Manager, Creator 


She / He / They


Likes: productive people, dogs, rainy days, beards, sleeping with open window (even in winter), to see the next generartion growing up with self acceptance, being a fan (drawing fanarts, cosplaying, writing fanfictions), open minded and honest people who can face their demons, the color purple, documentaries, diversity in mankind, polyamory, pregnant bellies, to always try and be the best version of themselves, women, their garden


Dislikes: being depressed and not herself, small talk, being disrespectful, communication sometimes


Fan of: Steven Universe, The Witcher, Rick & Morty, Star Trek: TOS, Gravity Falls, Brave, Wreck it Ralph, Kill La Kill, Bob's Burgers


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